Thinnest (and lightest) large tablets

How thin can tablets get? CNET looks at the thinnest large tablets.


Even if you only want your tablet to be powerful and pragmatic, you have to admit that a thin tablet has its advantages. Thin tablets, after all, are sleeker, sexier, and easier to handle. Also, their sleek profiles do not necessarily preclude them from including plenty of useful connections.

By their nature of being so thin, all tablets on this list are also the lightest on the market. I've gone only with large tablets -- 8.9 inches and above -- so if you're looking for a smaller slate, take a look at these skinny-minis.

Thickness Weight Screen size
Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 0.31-inch (7.8mm) 0.82 (375g) 8.9-inches (226mm)
Apple iPad Air 2 0.24-inch (6.1mm) 0.96-pound (437g) 9.7-inches (240mm)
Sony Xperia Z4 0.25 (6.1mm) 0.86 (392g) 10.1-inches (256mm)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 0.29 (7.3mm) 1.03-pound (469g) 10.1-inches (256mm)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 0.26-inch (6.6mm) 1.02-pounds (465g) 10.5-inches (266mm)

The 10-inch Galaxy TabPro ships with either 16GB or 32GB of internal memory. Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

If the best productivity tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, isn't portable enough for your projects, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 might be a simple alternative. The 10.1-inch tablet's thick bezels and silver trim give it a bulky look, but it's lightweight to lug around and offers multi-window abilities for multitasking, as well as heaps of free software for work (and play). Read more about the Tab Pro.

The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX is remarkably light for its size. Josh Miller/CNET

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

It's not thinnest in the land, but it is the lightest. Amazon's 8.9-inch Fire HDX tablet dons a unique angular design that's easy on the hands and supremely comfortable. The new 2014 model houses a zippy processor, super-HD screen, and a fresh operating system that now allows multiple profiles for easy sharing with family members. Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Amazon's vast library of streaming video and tech-challenged users will find value in the instant customer service Mayday button. Read the full review.

The Tab S is Samsung's thinnest yet, but not the thinnest in the category. Sarah Tew

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung flaunts a new series of tablets more often than any other manufacturer and the Tabs S line shines brightest in its Galaxy. The 10.5-inch Samsung Tab S is ultra slim and light for one of the largest tablets on the market. Aside from its sleek looks, the Tab S 10.5 rocks an impressive super-sharp display with lifelike colors and speedy performance. It also comes in a portable 8.4-inch model, which is pretty light and thin for a small tablet itself. Read the full review.

And it's waterproof to-boot. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony continually offers cutting-edge slates that feature skinny profiles and unique durability. The 10-inch Xperia Z4 is its latest release and it's expected to hit stores in spring. It features a sharp, bright 2K screen, speedy Qualcomm processor, and it's the only tablet that rocks a waterproof body. Accident-prone shoppers and bath aficionados take note! Read the full review.

The slimmest slate to-date. James Martin/CNET

Apple iPad Air 2

Tablet competition is thick -- or thin in this instance -- and the new Apple iPad Air 2 fits in at the top of the pack. It's not as light as air, or the lightest on this list, but it's the thinnest by a millimeter -- talk about splitting airs. Apple specially designed a speedy new processor for the 9.7-inch tablet and kept the Touch ID fingerprint scanner (now on the iPad Mini 3, too) for safe measures. Read the full review here.


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