Snoop Dogg launches new mobile photo app, 'ya dig?!'

The rapper's "Snoopify" app is jumping on the sticker train, coming complete with images of diamond encrusted chains, joints, and popular Snoop catch-phrases like "Fo Shizzle."

Snoop Dogg rolls out a sticker-based mobile app called "Snoopify." Snoopify

Who wouldn't want to create an image of themselves smoking a joint, wearing wrap-around shades, and holding a wad of cash? The new Snoopify app aims to let users do just that.

West coast rapper Snoop Dogg rolled out his new mobile app on Monday, giving users the option of adding photos into the app and then dressing them up gangster style or Rasta-inspired. Free and available on both Android and iOS, the app seems to be making its money with the new trend of the moment -- stickers. While a handful of stickers in the app are free, the majority cost 99-cents for a pack of eight images.

All of the Snoopify stickers were designed by Munk One, who is a known illustrator for musicians and bands. In addition to drawings of bongs, diamond encrusted chains, and rainbow-colored Rastafarian hats, people can also stick-on popular Snoop catch-phrases, like "Drop it like it's hot," "What it do nephew" and "Fo Shizzle."

"Now that everyone is heavy on social media sharing photos, I wanted to create an app that would allow my fans to add fun visuals to their photos and Snoopify themselves," Snoop Dogg said in a statement. "I'm bringing that new flavor to social media with this app, ya dig?!"

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