Researchers release ways to detect Gauss malware

See if your system is infected by the new "cyberespionage toolkit" with tools from Kaspersky Lab and CrySyS Lab.

Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

Two labs are offering ways to check if your system is infected by Gauss, the new malware software from the Middle East.

Kaspersky Lab -- which recently released information identifying Gauss -- posted the tools today after receiving inquiries about detecting the new malware. Gauss has been dubbed a "cyberespionage toolkit" that can steal sensitive data, including browser passwords, online banking accounts, cookies, and system configurations.

Folks can download the Kaspersky virus removal tool, or use a Web page provided by Hungarian research lab CrySyS to scan for the virus. The CrySyS page will check your system for Palida Narrow, a font associated with Gauss.

"This font was used during the Gauss cyberattack," the Kaspersky post reads. "Although we don't currently understand exactly why the attackers have installed this font, it could serve as an indicator of Gauss activity on your system."

Kaspersky adapted the CrySyS page and created a similar tool with an improved detection method, according to the post.

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