5 splash-resistant phones for the summer

Water resistance may not be at the top of your list when picking a new phone, but with these devices, it's one less thing to worry about.

More and more water-resistant and even waterproof phones have been launching and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. Thanks to advances in this field, water-resistant coatings and seals that were once the exclusive realm of bulky rugged phones have made it into the mainstream phone population, like Samsung's popular Galaxy S7 flagship and Sony's Xperia handsets.

Companies such as P21 and HzO are working on coatings that go way beyond the military spec for 30 minutes and three feet of water -- in fact, way back at Mobile World Congress 2014, we saw a treated handset submerged for an hour and a half.

Of course, not every phone is water-friendly, but we're looking forward to the day we can all go to the beach, pool parties, rafting trips and water parks without fearing for our handsets (or triple-wrapping them in plastic baggies). In the meantime, here are five splash-sustaining phones that have impressed us.

Editors' note:This post updates whenever swim-friendly phones surface. It was originally published August 6, 2013.


The Galaxy S7 Active is waterproof and drop-proof from 5 feet.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Not only did the Galaxy S7 Active top our list for best battery life, it's also one durable device. In addition to being water resistant, its 5.1-inch display has an extra layer to keep it from cracking, the phone has a military-grade body and it's shatter resistant for drops up to 5 feet. Read the full review.


The powerful Xperia X Performance also comes in interesting color combos (like green, above).

Josh Miller/CNET

Sony Xperia X Performance

The Xperia X Performance features a 23-megapixel camera, a Snapdragon 820 processor and a 5-inch full HD display. It's also the only handset from Sony's new X range that is water- and dustproof. Because it satisfies IP65/68 water-resistant standards, you can splash around the pool with it, and leave it submerged in up to 3 feet (or a meter) of water for 30 minutes. Read the full review.


Motorola's updated its affordable G series with two water-friendly phones.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Motorola Moto G4 and G4 Plus

Motorola's family of midtier handsets is great for budget-conscious buyers looking for a reliable and well designed phone. This year's Moto G4 and G4 Plus are no exception, and in addition to featuring a 5.5-inch display and an eight-core processor, they're water resistant, too. The G4 Plus also has a beefed-up camera (16-megapixel compared with the G4's 13-megapixel) and a fingerprint reader. Read the full hands-on.


Like the Galaxy S7 Active, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are water resistant. They're not, however, rugged.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7

If you're not feeling the Galaxy S7 Active's durable look, the sleeker S7 Edge and S7 may be what you're looking for. Though they're not as rough-and-tumble as the Active, they're both beautifully designed, and the S7 Edge has a display that curves down on its left and right edges. Plus, they still retain all that watery goodness so you'll have peace of mind if this ever happens to you. Read the full review.

The generously sized DuraForce XD has a 5.7-inch display.

James Martin/CNET

Kyocera DuraForce XD

Looking for something with a big screen that's inexpensive and splash resistant? The DuraForce XD is an expansive phone that is affordable and durable. Its dust- and shockproof, can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, and you can dunk it in up to 6 feet (about 2 meters) for 30 minutes. Oh and its 5.7-inch display makes it big and brawny. Read the full hands-on

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