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For more than 25 years, CNET's experts have guided you to the best tech and more. Now we guide you to a better future.

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CNET has a new look and expanded mission.

Why it matters

For more than 25 years, CNET's experts have guided you to the best tech and more. Now we guide you to a better future.

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Join us on our journey through a changing world.

One minute, you're struggling to understand why a dozen eggs costs $6 (thanks, inflation!) and the next you're considering whether your next car will charge off your solar panels. This morning you spent an hour comparing prices on meal kits, because life is too short for shopping. And this afternoon you're learning why Elon Musk cares so much about Twitter or how humans have found evidence of past life on Mars. 

Nothing in this world is simple. How do you decide if you should invest in crypto, what's best to stream tonight or whether weight training might help you live longer? What should you consider when you want to buy a TV, if maybe projectors are the future? Should you think about a mortgage in the West now that every year has a fire season? 

We're here for you.

We're also improving right alongside you. If you know CNET, you might notice that we look a little different now. We've evolved our logo and streamlined our brand so that you can immediately recognize CNET and be certain that you'll get the same expertly researched, curiosity-piquing and wildly useful content and guidance, no matter where you find us. Our new brand mark gives a nod to the era of the letterpress, but with a modern turn in recognition that the best information and advice is simultaneously timeless and unafraid of the future.

CNET is an internet pioneer. We were among the first to review computers and mobile phones, and we covered the tech perspective on cars before anyone else thought to. We founded one of the first fully digital newsrooms. We built into our DNA a passion for technology and objective editorial, a winning combination we've stuck with for more than 25 years and will continue to champion. We tell you what to buy when it's not an easy choice, whether you're deciding on a cash-back credit card or which electric vehicle is the best option for your family. We're here when you need help tracking price alerts on the laptop you've been eyeing or when you're looking for the best deal on a weight set. And we're here to tell you what in the world is changing and why, so that your choices are informed and easier.

Our 200-plus writers, editors and producers harness relentless curiosity to help you get to know the world around you in real time through relatable language. Our experts explain it all as it happens, and not just for people who can afford to pay for a subscription. CNET is free to all, and we're here to help everyone become the heroes of their own stories. 

Welcome to CNET if you're new, and welcome back to CNET if you've always been here. We can't wait to cover the next 25 years for you. 

Please let us know what you love (and what you don't) by dropping us a line at hello@cnet.com. Change is what we love—even our own.

Lindsey Turrentine
EVP, Content and Audience, CNET