Windows 11: All the best new features you can use today

Microsoft's latest software update is packed with a slew of new features. We'll show you our favorites.

Stephen Shankland/CNET

Personalized widgets

Widgets in Windows 11 can show you a personalized feed, like the local weather and news, and your to-do lists. You can move the widgets around and resize them.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is integrated into Windows 11. You'll click the Teams icon to access the video chat feature.

Desktop customization

With Windows 11, you can create separate virtual desktops and customize them with different wallpapers. Once created, you can switch back and forth between the screens with one click.

Snap Layouts for organization

This new feature lets you arrange your open windows in different layouts on your computer screen, and you can save them.

Snap Groups store your layouts

Once you've saved your Snap Layouts, you can access them in Snap Groups, which stores any layout you've made. 

New Android apps feature coming later

The much anticipated ability to use Android apps isn't yet available. Microsoft hasn't confirmed a date for when it'll be released to the public.