iOS 15 makes any iPhone feel brand new, so don't worry about the iPhone 13

FaceTime, Focus and more breathe fresh air into the iPhone 6S and later.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple's iOS 15 makes your phone feel as new as you want it to be.

And whether you upgrade every year or are still holding onto an iPhone 6S or later, you are able to download it right now.

Focus mode silences alerts you don't need, while letting in the ones that you do. Your phone will only show you what you need while working, sleeping or any other activity you decide.

You can pick specific home screens and alerts that you want or don't want for each Focus mode.

FaceTime becomes a lot more like Zoom, letting you invite friends on Android or Windows into your calls.

Notification Summary lets you combine lower-priority notifications into a quick digest, so you can get news alerts or pings about games when you want them.

Need to copy someone's Wi-Fi code off a piece of paper? Or, in this case, do you really like the text on that shirt? With iOS 15, take a photo of it and you can copy-paste it right away.

My favorite: The Weather app now tells you exactly how long it's going to rain thanks to Apple's integration of Dark Sky, previously a beloved Android app.

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