All the new Amazon products announced today: Astro, Echo Show 15, more

From a rolling robot to the wall-mounted Echo Show 15, Amazon showed off an array of devices at its event Tuesday.


Amazon Astro robot: Starts at $1,000

Astro is Amazon's new Alexa-powered robot that moves around your home. It'll answer questions and can run a security check indoors using a built-in periscope camera.

Larger Echo Show 15: $250

The Echo Show 15 smart speaker features a 15.6-inch screen and facial recognition. You can wall-mount it so it hangs like a portrait, or stand it up in your kitchen or living room.

Amazon Glow for families: $250

Amazon Glow is a video chat device that lets families play games together remotely. Its 8-inch display projects an interactive gaming surface onto a 19-inch, white silicone mat.

Amazon Smart Thermostat: $60

The new Amazon Smart Thermostat takes on Google's Nest thermostat at half the price. It will automatically adjust the temperature depending on if you're home or away, and you can use Alexa routines to control the climate while you sleep.


Ring Alarm Pro: $250

Amazon says the Ring Alarm Pro merges a router and a security system to provide motion detectors, professional-grade monitoring and online threat protection.

Blink Video Doorbell: $50

Amazon's newest (and cheap) Blink Video Doorbell works with Alexa and has the option to be wired or wire-free when installed. It has 1080p resolution, two-way talk and up to two years of battery life.

Blink Floodlight Camera mount: $40

The Blink Floodlight Camera mount is designed to work with Amazon's Blink Outdoor camera. It uses LEDs with 700 lumens of motion-triggered lightning.

Halo View watch: $80

Halo View is Amazon's latest fitness watch. This one comes without a microphone, has a color screen and will include a year of Amazon's subscription health service for Halo.