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The 404 at 'Star Trek': Tech Culture

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AutoComplete: Faraday Future fights back against $1.8 million lawsuit
1:23 January 24, 2017
Ford makes a big brand acquisition, and rumors swirl around the upcoming 2020 Bronco.
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Make it so! Talk to Amazon Echo like the Star Trek computer
1:25 January 24, 2017
Amazon boldly goes where no smart speaker has gone before - by letting you speak to it like the computer aboard the Starship Enterprise.
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2017 Volvo S90 charts its own path
5:04 January 24, 2017
The Volvo S90 isn't the fastest or sexiest looking luxury sedan on the market. But, when you're this good, you don't have to be.
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Sprint buys one-third of Tidal, Samsung will keep the Note brand
1:28 January 24, 2017
Today in tech headlines, Sprint buys a third of Tidal, Google makes its first update to its Voice service in a while and Samsung is...
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What Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 battery fire means for future phones
2:12 January 23, 2017
CNET's Jessica Dolcourt explains what went wrong with the batteries in the Note 7 and what to expect from future phones like the rumored...
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The new Star Wars movie finally gets a name
1:24 January 23, 2017
Lucasfilm revealed the official title of the sequel to "The Force Awakens" on the website, along with its December release...
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AutoComplete: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes green with Mercedes G-Class EV
1:14 January 23, 2017
Tesla activates some Autopilot features for new cars, and Subaru teases the Crosstrek for Geneva.
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Hugo Barra quits Xiaomi to return to Silicon Valley
1:16 January 23, 2017
The former Android leader spent the last 3.5 years on a mission to bring global fame to the Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi. He says living...
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