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Tech Minute: Apps to keep the kids happy in the backseat: CNET News Video

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Audi's new tech makes traffic lights more tolerable
4:54 December 6, 2016
Audi is the first automaker to connect vehicles directly to the traffic management grid (V2I) with the new Traffic Light Information...
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This jumping robot opens doors for cyborg ninjas
2:56 December 6, 2016
Roboticists at UC Berkeley develop a cute little robot that springs off walls better and longer than even seasoned parkour pros.
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Galaxy Note 7 fires may be to blame on tight battery
1:31 December 6, 2016
An independent engineering consultancy firm says Samsung was too aggressive in the design of the Note 7, taking design risks that led...
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HyperDrive adapter saves you from MacBook Pro dongle hell
1:08 December 6, 2016
An accessory on Kickstarter could solve the biggest problem with Apple's MacBook Pro.
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GoPro Karma Grip helps you get a handle on camera shake
1:20 December 6, 2016
The action cam company's motorized gimbal steadies your video for smooth results, handheld or mounted.
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AutoComplete: Your next Audi may know when the light is about to change
1:16 December 6, 2016
Despite slow sales, Toyota decides to double down on hybrid development
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Amazon's grocery store of the future, Oculus Touch reviews are in
1:27 December 6, 2016
Today's top tech stories include Amazon's grocery store of the future and Google's emergency contact app for Android. Meanwhile the...
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Nothing ventured -- the Roost Smart Alarm makes no gains
1:09 December 6, 2016
The smart battery inside is still great, but the alarm itself offers little else.
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