Great social experiences usually aren't just a place where you interact, right there they give you the ability to define the space around you and we've been working on something that that does this and in virtual reality it's kind of a virtual reality take on this and we've been working on this for a while and today we want to announce. An experience that we've been working on called horizon and in horizon, you are going to be able to build your own worlds and experiences. You're going to be able to play games you're gonna go to explore, you're going to be able to hang out with your friends and of course meet new people and because everyone is going to be able to create. Their own spaces and experiences within it. horizon is gonna have this property where it just grows and expands and gets better and better over time as we focused on building this out for many years to come. So let's take and take a look at this beyond our world there's another world It's right here on my face. Welcome. This is horizon. Think of me as your guide slash self appointed spokes avatar here to show you around. Filled with possibilities. He can play stuff make stuff last Whoa. Really love the stash Stewart What up, Stewart? Wait, I want a mustache. Horizon isn't about rules or limits or past or people telling you not to fly an airplane while drinking your fresh ground fair trade Frenched pressed morning coffee through a curly straw. Isn't that right, Debbie? [MUSIC] It's about getting out there, trying new things, making your mark making friends with an Australian named Mark. Actually, I'm from New Zealand. And you can even build a world of your own like Tech homeland or this Island de place. with these cutie patooties. In horizon, the world is your lobster. Isn't it oyster? That, too. So come, join us at never ending ever changing world beyond your world Is way. Debbie gets it. [MUSIC] Wow. [APPLAUSE] All right, so we have build Horizon. To be a welcoming and inclusive community from day one, a lot of the social tools that power it are the same ones that we built over the years to power Facebook and Instagram as well. There's a whole range of expressive and diverse avatars to get us started. And the best part is that the creator experiences built right into VR. So you don't need to be able to code in order to create something, although that can certainly help in building some of the more advanced things. You don't need to take off your headset in order to make something. You can make some really neat stuff in just a couple of hours if you want, and then invite your friends in and have experiences, and hang out with them right there. So this is also, this is early. But this is another step towards building The kind of social infrastructure that we believe is going to be important in the future. So you should be able to hang out with your friends. join groups, create events, share ideas in VR, just like you can online. And of course now you're gonna be able to do it with that added feeling of presence like you're right there with the people who you're talking. But no other technology platform that existed before delivers. So we are launching this next year, we're putting the finishing touches on it now and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it. So that's [APPLAUSE]