[MUSIC] The ZTE Axon M is unlike phone you know. That's because it has two 5.2 inch displays that fold out and work together in different ways. It kinda looks like a Nintendo 3DS, but it's a phone. You can mirror both screens so they display the same content, which is handy when you want to share a video with With someone sitting across from you. You can also use both screens as a single mega display. Stretched across a 6.8 inch diagonal. It's like viewing a tablet, except, you have a black hinge that goes down the middle. Both screens can display stuff independently of one another too, which is ideal for multitasking. For instance, you could keep an email open on one side while penciling a calendar event on the other. Lastly you can use it like a regular phone with only one screen. It feels so much smaller than when it folds out but hey at least the blank side can serve as a kickstand. With the extra display knowing when to switch All the screen options in certain use cases takes time to learn. The accent M can also be comfortable to use. Again, you will always have a black line in the middle of your display and the phone is very thick and heavy overall at 8.1 ounces. Then again if you want two screens, it kind of just goes with the territory. The accent M has only 120 mega pixel [MUSIC]. Pixel camera. So if you wanna use it like a pointing shoot you have to flip over the phone over first which again takes some getting used to. Firing up the selfie cam though is a brief and it's a great phone to prop up for all those wide group shots, just remember to set your time right. During our battery draining test the phone lasted a little over 10 hours That's enough to last you through the work day no problem. but keep in mind, that other phones in the Axon M price class, usually last about 13 hours or more. In the U.S., the Axon M is an AT&T exclusive, and there's preloaded bloatware from the carrier. At about $725, it also costs about the ame as other flagships. Like the Pixel 2, iPhone 8, and Galaxy S8. In general, those phones outperform the Axon M in processing power, camera, and battery. But if you see yourself getting a lot of use out of a dual display phone, the Axon M isn't just you're only choice but a pretty solid choice overall. [MUSIC]