[MUSIC] Zeiss and Apple always seemed like a natural pairing. And now you can pop a Zeiss lens on your iPhone for a little variety in your angle of view. I'm Lori Grunin, and these are the Zeiss ExoLenses for iPhone. The product of a partnership between Zeiss and Fellows, you know, the office supply company, Zeiss's solution consists of the Fellows mounting bracket and its own lenses. The wide angle lens which covers about 60% more of a scene than the iPhone lens, is available now via Apple outlets. And it'll set you back $200. The macro lens covers a varying angle of view between one and four inches, depending upon how close you are. And the telephoto has a narrower angle of view by half than the built in version. The letter to lenses are slated to ship later this summer. Overall it's a mixed bag. The lenses definitely allow you to get more flexibility out of your camera, and as you'd expect the lenses are well constructed out of aluminum and glass. In fact with their bundled lens hoods attached, they look like a Zeiss high-end Otis line shrunk to lilliputian levels. And they're definitely sharp and clear with no perceptible light loss, color artifacts or fringing. But going with the shrunken lens approach means tiny untethered back caps that come off too easily, and lens caps that are easy to lose. The ExoLens screw-on mount is a pain for quick changes. I prefer competitor Moment's bayonet mount, or other snap or slide-in approach. Like many of these, the mounting bracket blocks the iPhone's flash So you have to remove it if you just wanna use the base iPhone camera. [MUSIC]