[MUSIC] There are drones and then there are monster drones. This professional hexacopter is the unique tornado. It has a retractable landing gear Foldable arms supportability, and 30 minutes of flying time. The Tornado is compatible with the Panasonic Lunix GH4, or the Sony A7R-2. Based on the three-axis gimbal, with a floating mount to keep it. Stable even in high winds, but if you want the most flexibility there is the CGO4 camera made by Yuneec. Inside it's the same as the Lumix GH4 but you also have the ability to use the three times optical zoom during filming. [MUSIC] Talking about specs is all well and good but this is how it actually flies. So, everything is controlled Controlled through this panel here. I'm gonna hit the record button, so I start recording the footage. I'm gonna start it up. There we go. Here we go. All right, now it's up, it's holding it's position. I'm gonna retract the landing gear. That's kinda cool. It's actually really easy to fly, even for someone like me with very limited drone flying experience. But there's also the option to drive it a bit more aggressively through the angle mode, or you can also make it come straight home to you by flicking it into home mode. It's really, really fun too. Okay, now it's in smart mode. It's not gonna come any closer to me, because of that Geosense, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try and land it. I'm gonna flick the landing gear down, and then bring it all the way down. It has a sensor so it's not gonna crash into the ground when you bring the throttle all the way down. It's gonna sense the ground, and then it should land neatly. And safely. It really is easy as that. The ground controller runs Android and has a 7 inch touch screen that gives you metrics on telemetry data, camera exposure controls, and of course, the live video view. All up the tornado will set you back $5000 US dollars with camera equipment extra. For more on the unique tornado, check out cnet.com. [MUSIC]