[MUSIC] So Amazon is Amazon listen to us via echo. For the most part we were able to delete our audio recordings but after you found something about the the written transcripts of these conversations.>>Yeah. So they keep that even though you delete your voice recordings from Amazon day I'd say. This is to protect your privacy if you're concerned about Amazon listening in on you. You can do it with voice recordings but what they don't tell you is that the transcription of that you know the text that comes from it they keep that and that stays in their system. Now they're saying they're working on deleting it from wherever it travels around their sub system. So the text stays there and it goes to all their other artificial intelligence to process it and train their machine learning model. But you don't have a choice in like deleting that on your own, like you can't say like I don't want this to train it at all. Right. Just get rid of my text data. So even though they're not listening to you anymore when you delete that data I mean they can still read it, I mean I think that's just as good. How big of a deal is this for consumers? Should we be worried? I think that is it's definitely a big deal that like you don't it's not transparent about what data they have like i think that when you delete the voice recording you just think okay i've washed my hands right like i'm clean from amazon and It gives you a false sense of privacy security right Yeah so and there's no option to go in and delete that data that that that's just going around their system So I mean do you think they're doing anything nefarious with that data or is it just sort of. What exactly is that data for? Amazon says that they're using it for their machine learning purposes because they have to train their their. No. They're AI? Artificial intelligence, they're saying they're using it to improve how it listens to people. And so it picks up on different words better. Mm-hm. But I think the only thing that I have an issue with is more about How they don't tell you that,that text stays there and there no way to delete that on your own. And does Google do this as well. They've got their Google Home speaker.>>mjn So I reached out to Google as well as Apple because Apple also has Siri. They say that they don't. So when you delete your tax records from your recordings at least from Google, and also deletes the text records. Now with Apple it's a little bit different because when you communicate with Siri it doesn't tie it to you, it doesn't tie it to your Apple ID. It ties it to a random identifier. So that even if you ask to delete that data, it doesn't know which set of that data is yours. It wouldn't be able to. Yeah, basically. But you can delete the random identifier that's tied to your phone and it deletes all that data.