Today on The Daily charge, getting emotionally and spiritually ready for whatever Apple throws at us tomorrow. More leaks surrounding the pixel for YouTube AI failing to protect children. And a special surprise for National Teddy bear. [MUSIC] Good morning and welcome to CNet's Daily Charge, it's Monday, September 9th, I'm Bridget Carey. I'm Joan E Solsman. Let's kick things off with our top story today. [MUSIC] So back in February, YouTube made the promise to suspend comments on videos that featured kids aged 13 and younger. This was following an outcry over pedophilia lurking in the comments, videos with young children included comments with predatory links. So YouTube said it would just And comments on videos that featured minors who were 13 and younger and even videos with older minors who could attract predatory behavior, but fast forward to now, six months later, Joan, you did a search on YouTube, you found a number of videos still had comments on them. Videos with kids, what's going on? Yeah, it's still incredibly easy to find tons of comments on Videos that feature kids that are clearly infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and then even some videos that show teenagers in those sort of predatory situations doing the heat bikini, you know this whole thing kicked off because there was a vlog about a guy Who did a search for bikini haul videos and tumbled into this algorithmic pedophilia wormhole. It's gross. Yeah, very gross. If you search teen bikini haul even now, you can find teens wearing bikinis with comments that are inappropriate. Mmm, and it sounds like what Google was just using this algorithm to just automatically detect if there was a kid in the video like what's what's wrong? Why are there still comments nice videos? I mean there's a couple things going on one is that YouTube scale is staggering. Yeah. It has 500 million has 500 hours of content. Uploaded every minute, so from the beginning of when we started talking there's already five hundred hours have already been uploaded. It's a lot but, that being said, they billed themselves to this scale and whenever they have these problems they say hey, we got machine learning that is gonna help us keep things in line and, to a degree, they are. We didn't find a ton, a slew of really predatory comments on most of these videos. But it was still easy to find them and they made the commitment. They said we're going to be disabling comments on videos that have minors that are younger than 13. And even if they're at that scale their machines Learning just isn't catching enough for it to be. I did one search and found over 100, from 100 different channels that had comments. It wasn't even digging deep. This is not like a basic search. Yeah, it was a basic search for a kid focused subject. I searched pretend play, and found videos, they ranged from videos that had almost no views. No subscribers to videos that had 23 million views. There was one video that had over 1700 comments and that was one after we contacted YouTube and said here's a list 100 videos from 100 different channels, all them by what you publicly said is your policy should not have Any comments enabled on them? That was one of the ones they disabled half the cop they disabled comments on half of the so after you contacted them. Yeah, they were cleaning half of them up. Yeah. Yeah, and one of them was a video that had 1,700 comments already accrued on it. So do they have a statement of like why is it they need more time to get the community the whole algorithm right or. They didn't directly address what, why things that we found slipped through the cracks. They said look we've taken down hundreds of millions of comments and lots and lots of videos. We're investing and they used these stats that don't really say anything like they have a classifier that removes two times as many predatory comments. Okay I don't know what that means because they won't tell us what that's off a baseline of what two times of like three. Yeah. That's six i mean they're not talking about that but like what do we really know what that means. They're not being transparent about where they actually stand on a promise they made months ago. Between this and what happened last week, you know you two definitely. Do more in this area. Yeah, and that's why this matters at this point because YouTube just promised last week that they would be going even further and relying on more machine learning to not only take away comments from videos for kids, but also any personalized advertising and notifications in addition to other things. They keep watching that. There's also another Google story out today. There's a leaked promotional video for The Pixel 4 smartphone popped up online Monday, and the video appears to confirm some rumors that we've heard last week. In the video you could see owners are controlling the phone with hand gestures, and they're also controlling it fully with a series of voice commands, like With just your voice you can pull up photos, send those photos to other people you don't have to lift a finger. Cameras are also a big part of this video it looks like you can take photos really well in the dark. Even capture. All the stars in the sky by taking a picture of the milk way. There's this big square cut out in the back, for three camera lenses. And an earlier leaked image show the phone could come in a bright orange color along with black and white. So, a lot of leaks The pixel for funny timing for that, john, don't chef. Yeah, it'd be funnier if all the previous leaks for the pixel for have been from Google itself. This is one liquid didn't count. It's like a natural week. It didn't come from Google. So they didn't have any control over the time. It's just one of those things where you go, okay, the apple events tomorrow and we're all talking about the pixel for so this will make it That'll make things interesting in the discussions. I don't think we're gonna be talking much about the pixel for tomorrow, though. Well, it is one of those things where people who are curious about it, they'll be hearing about it in a few weeks. Usually it's an October kind of event for Google. And it's the if these leaks are right, you got, you know, that square cutout in the back and we've seen that kind of leaked out with Apple too. So it's just interesting. We're gonna be Coming to you live tomorrow covering that Apple event. We have a pre show stream starting at noon Eastern 9 AM Pacific. We're gonna give you commentary before the event, during the event, after the event. We have our team also chiming in from inside the Steve Jobs theater at Apple's campus in Cupertino. So definitely stick around for that of course tomorrow. For the DAILY CHARGE I'm Bridget Carrie. And joining Thanks for joining us. [MUSIC]