YouTube now has a live TV steaming service of their own. It's called "YouTube TV" and will cost 35 dollars a month that will package a bundle of channels from broadcast networks and some cable networks. The service will be it's own standalone app and will launch later this Spring. Now the app will be targeted for mobile first, as YouTube expects that most of it's subsc- Subscribers will be watching the view on their phones. YouTube TV will also be view on laptops, traditional TVs and good chrome case devices. Now it won't offer every cable network, but instead will offer the big four broadcast networks. FOX, CBS, ABC, AND NBC, and will offer some of the cable channels related to those broadcasters. For example, ESPN, Bravo, and FOX NEWS. Now, at the start, it will not offer any networks that operate exclusively on pay TV, like Viacom, AMC, or Time Warner, which instantly eliminates me because I got to have my Walking Dead and NBA basketball. YouTube TV now joins. Sling TV, Playstation View, and ATT's To Right Now in the TV streaming service market with Hulu, expected to announce their own service this year as well. YouTube TV's goal is to be a better service, with the same content others offer. It will include unlimited cloud DVR storage to add your favorite series of sports team. It wants To serve you the best recommendations with the help of its machine learning network and it will eventually work with Google Home so you can just start playing a show directly from your Chromecast. Who wants their YouTube TV? It's coming in a few months.