[MUSIC] Sketching with your E-ink screen, with your stylus on a sunny day that region start up remarkable hopes he will do with his tablet [UNKNOWN] the best part is [UNKNOWN] see based pressure sensitive screen which feels a lot faster than a kindle. Using a passive no charge stylus, and replaceable felt tips sold separately, reMarkable has a more tactile feel when drawing. The large tablet lasts about five days on a charge and it can sync sketches to a cloud connected for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. It also reads ePubs and PDFs, but it doesn't do advanced markup on text files yet. It's one of only a couple large note taking [UNKNOWN] tablets on the market, including Sony's Digital Paper. But Remarkable claims it's the best. It's low latency was definitely impressive, maybe a pen will come to future Kindles someday too. But for now you're gonna need to spend a little over $500 to sketch on one of these for yourself. [MUSIC]