[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Kudo, I work on the experiences for the Microsoft [UNKNOWN] development edition. Here it is, the world's first untethered holographic computer. [MUSIC] Puts on really easily and you can see fits on your head, no other cables, no markers in the room. Everything you need to see holograms right here in this device. Since obviously a lot of what you're doing is looking forward, most of the cameras and sensors are gonna be in this front part right here. So we've designed this nice protective shield that keeps all the sensors and cameras super safe But right in here you can see the cameras ans the sensors that help us with our environmental understanding and things that keep holograms pinned to you real world. Under that you can see all of our optics, obviously a big part as well of seeing the holograms. A lot of the processing that goes on also in this top band up here And then because you want to have a nice center of gravity, so something that feels balanced and comfortable on your head, a lot of the batteries, and the stuff that powers Hall Lens coming here in the back. One of the interesting pieces as we worked with Hall Lens and we started to discover, is I'm sure you know from using any device, when you're using a device, it can start to get warm, and we don't want things getting warm on people's heads. So I've developed this really cool passive cooling system, where these slots right here will take all the heat away from head, it comes up out the side. So it's really dissipating the heat on the device in a way that is super comfortable so people can use it. We've got our really unique spacial sound system that comes right in here near your ears, so not only can you see holograms all around you. But you can hear your holograms positionally and that makes sense both from a visual and audio perspective. And then some very simple things like how you can control volume, how you can control the brightness of your holograms all on these buttons up here. Here. But it really is a marvel of technology. An untethered, holographic computer that lets you see holograms in your real world. Microsoft HoloLens, the development edition. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]