[MUSIC] All right, so you've got the Galaxy S 7. And then you've got the S 7 Edge. And already, a lot of you guys have been asking me, what's the difference between these two phones? Which one should I buy? And is the S 7 Edge worth the extra money? Three things, the edge, and it depends on your math. Are you ready to break this down? Let's break it down. The S7 Edge is the S7, only more so. That means it has Android 6.0 software, a micro SD card slot, and a great camera. And did I mention it's water resistant. [MUSIC] Here are some more perks. It's bigger than the S7 with a 5.5 inch display that gives you more space for watching and reading. Larger means that it's more awkward to hold than the S7 if you have smaller hands like me but it It's slightly smaller than the big, big phones like the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Nexus 6P. The edge has a sexy display with screen curves on the sides that make it look more immersive and more awesome than any other regular phone out there Also there are some cool shortcuts to things like your favorite apps and people. There's even a ruler and a news ticker if you go through the setup process. There's also an interesting trick where you can go directly to a task that is ordinarily buried a little bit deeper The menu. You can get to these Edge [UNKNOWN] shortcuts from any screen, but if you can't find what you want right away, then you might waste some time scrolling through your choices. The Edge is more expensive than these two because it's larger, it has that curve screen, and this extra navigation. But it's also the one I would personally buy myself, mostly because I can't say no to that immersive feel that you really have to see in order to believe. Edge, more interesting. S 7, more affordable. I know which one I want. You don't have to have the Edge, but believe me, you'll want it. [MUSIC]