[MUSIC] I'm holding a toothbrush second brush your entire mouth in 10 seconds. Yeah, I'm not even the dentist's office. I'm actually at Mandalay Bay at CES. This is called the white brush. I know this doesn't look like a normal toothbrush, but that's the idea. It does something a normal toothbrush can, Which is clean your entire mouth in ten seconds. What you do is you put this in and bite down. And over the course of five seconds, it cleans all your top teeth. Then, you flip it upside down and do the bottom. Five plus five equals ten and it's a lot shorter then the two minutes that the ADA recommends with a regular toothbrush. So you could go with your toothbrush, go 1, 2, 3 at a time and clean them, or you can put this in your mouth. Do that and do that and you're done. So what makes this work? Well really what makes us work is this brush trade, so the nylon bristles. And there are different angles to get across your teeth between your teeth and around your gums. And when you turn this on, which is a motor, it actually vibrates the tooth tray here and you bite down on it and it will clean the whole thing. Now you might be wondering why it's only on one side because it's a lot more comfortable but clean the top than the bottom. So no five second toothbrush yet we're still stuck at 10. So last year, we talked about this at C-E-S, but We couldn't get ahold of it now you could buy this toothbrush and it costs $125. Now, think about what that means. A Colgate toothbrush that's a smart toothbrush costs around $100 as doesn't oral be. In fact oral B has a smart toothbrush it costs $180 and neither one of those can clean your teeth and 10 seconds. Now if you do buy this, I should warn you that it's not shipping until later in 2020 probably around March or April, but $425, I'm going to save a lot of time brushing my teeth. Hey guys, you liked this video about the wide brush the 10 second toothbrush, make sure you subscribe to see that for more about CES 2020. [MUSIC]