[MUSIC] Smartphone screens have notches now, big, weird, notches to fill the camera and try to fit more screen around it. The Mi Mix 3 just tucks the cameras underneath with a magnetic slider popping the front facing dual 24 and 2 megapixel cameras into view. The sliding mechanism feels smooth and unannoying. It's actually pretty addictive. It reminds me of the old T-Mobile Sidekick and how slid its keyboard out. The Mi Mix 3 has a big beautiful 6.39 inch Samsung AMOLED display which fills the phone's front. The only thing it's missing is an under the screen fingerprint reader. The Mi Mix 3 has a standard fingerprint reader on the back. It has all the premium specs, a Qualcomm snap dragon 845 processor, dual 12 mega pixel rear cameras, it feels nice. And it's one of many [UNKNOWN] phones that aren't available in the U.S. But that sliding camera trick and how it keeps that screen big and Is so good that I'd love to see other phones try to match it. Do I want to buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which isn't available in the US yet, but is apparently coming in 2019? I have no idea. But I think I want a phone that slides like it. [MUSIC]