[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Pretty good looking, right? Now, I'm a watch guy. And regardless of what anybody tells you, style is key. I love this clean, simple design. It's not overstated like some smartwatches and it's very, very adaptable to different styles. With that, I can say that me watch is definitely one of the world's most stylish designs. So right off the bat, you're gonna notice that it comes with a large 1.39 inch display. This display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass three, and a diamond like carbon coating for extra protection has a vibrant am LED display with up to 450 nit brightness What this means is you're gonna be able to read your notifications check fitness stats even in the midday sun. [BLANK_AUDIO] To express yourself, you can choose one of our six official bands. Now you could use these paired up with the same color or you could even mix and match them to suit your mood. They're made from a light and breathable TPU. What this means, and this is the eternal question, you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for style. On the watch itself, you can choose from more than 100 different display styles or to help you power your creativity with new ideas. You can also create your own custom watch faces From your favorite photos. You could use a great action snap or hypothetically if you wanted to do so you could use your own face. Apparently, this is my team's favorite photo of me. So, me watch is one of the world's most stylish but it's also one of the world's lightest. Adjust 32 grams, watches light enough for you to put it on and forget about it until you need it. 32 grams, 32 grams. What's that? For reference that's about the same weight as 6 sheets of that A4 paper that you'll find around your school or office. It's pretty incredible. Right? [BLANK_AUDIO] So, stylish check, light check. But mi watch is also one of the longest lasting smart watches on the market has up to 16 days of battery life. That's more than half a month that you're not gonna have to constantly worrying about taking it off and putting it back on. That also means that unlike some other popular smart watches, you can track your sleep without having to worry about charging before you rush off to work in the morning. And with five ATM water resistance, you really really don't have to take it off. Go swimming, wash your hands. I really hope you're all doing a lot more of that right now. Shower, cook, work doodle without worrying about whether your battery is gonna die or your wash is gonna get wet. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, so it's long lasting, but it doesn't last forever. Eventually you're gonna have to take it off, but not to worry you just plop it on the magnetic charger and you're gonna have more than two weeks of battery Often the time it takes to watch a football game.So, new watch is stylish. It's light. It's comfortable. The battery's gonna last for more than half a month. But what does that matter if you don't have all the features you need and love? Well, rest assured me watch has all the features you love. I'm gonna show you some of my favorite ones right now. So let's head over the other stage. Me Watch has all the essentials like highly accurate step and movement tracking. And it can even give you a graph showing you a general picture of how you've been performing throughout the week. You can see that I'm not really a morning person. It also has some standout features like this dedicated sport button here. This gives you direct access to your workouts. This gives you super easy access to 117 supportive exercises. That's something I think pretty much any Spartan can get behind. [BLANK_AUDIO] Of those 117 supported exercises, 17 are precisely tuned professional sports modes. For even more accurate tracking and training, walking, indoor, outdoor running, it's even gonna auto detect your movement and start and pause when you do [BLANK_AUDIO] Right. As they say, staying fit starts with staying healthy, both physically and mentally. [BLANK_AUDIO] This is why we've included breathing training. Now this excellent mindfulness and wellness tool, [BLANK_AUDIO] It's super useful in a lot of different situations. Here particularly, it can get pretty hard and stressful up here on the stage. So, let's stop and take a breath 123 exhale, not gonna make you watch me go through all that. But one increasingly important statistic is blood oxygen level. So we've included SPO two monitoring. This lets you live your best life. Now I want to be really clear. This is not a medical device. It's not to be used for diagnosis or for medical reasons. It is, however, a very useful, very cool fitness and very helpful wellness tool. Heart Rate monitoring is another essential feature that we all expect from smartwatches today, right? But unlike some other smartwatches mi watch uses one second intervals to give you the most accurate data in real time. This real time heart rate data is then fed in the first beat world leading performance analytics algorithms. This helps to provide stress level monitoring. And energy level monitoring. For me this is actually one of my favourite features. This really helps because being able to associate how I'm feeling with a simple number has been very helpful in managing my daily wellness. And finally, as we hinted at earlier, sleep cycle tracking Who wants to watch me take a nap? Let's go. I'm just kidding. But, again, having a simple number to check my body's rest and recovery is incredibly helpful. Remember, there's no need to charge before you rush off to the work in the morning. So you can have your rest and hopefully sleep in a little bit too. [BLANK_AUDIO] Now, as any outdoors person will tell you, you should never ever go into the wilderness without a compass. Personally, I've never actually owned a compass so this is really good advice. Now, you can have one strapped to your wrist at all times. So with GPS for the easy times and a compass for the hard times, Mi watch is the perfect companion for the average adventurer, elevation and air pressure added bonuses for measuring the difficulty of hikes and checking to see if there's a storm on the way and if you need to hunker down in a cave overnight, hopefully not So, 16 days of great features, and also 16 days of smart, me watch comes with a built in voices system so you can check the weather set alarms and control your AI IoT devices can even get recipes so much more. It also has a built in Camera shutter mode, so you can easily take selfies With just a tap, it's pretty convenient, right? And last, but not least, there's no need to open your phone to check your notifications because you can't read messages with all these silly brackets. That's much better right? You watch supports emojis for all your notifications. So, summing it up, that's me watch 16 days, that's more than half a month of battery life. It's paper light. It's got a large bright OLED display, has GPS, blood oxygen, sleep tracking, emojis, and so much more. And of course it has 117 supportive exercise modes. So however you like to stay healthy, me watch is going to help you stay on track. Now let's take a look at how you watch measures up against the competition. Identical or very similar features all the way down this list until we get to the sports modes. We're far ahead here battery life as well. 16 days compared to as little as almost one whole day, Mi Watch is the clear winner. So what's it gonna cost? All these incredible features seem to be going for at least 230 euros. And some other devices closer to 500 find out me watch is gonna be starting from an RRP of just [APPLAUSE] 99 make sure you check out your favourite channels or social media channels for more information [BLANK_AUDIO] So one of the world's most stylish, lightest and long lasting, with so many features for so much less money. Mi Watch is clearly one of the world's best deals.