[MUSIC] Here it is, the Xbox One S. It's 40% smaller than the Xbox One. Loses that awful power brick, it can stream 4K video and playback 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays, as well as, support for HDR. It looks pretty bad **** in its fancy white case in that slotted design it has. Side by side next to the original Xbox One and even the current PS4 the new S model looks more practical. In fact, just a few days with the new Xbox 1S, and the old one seems like it's a relic from a decade ago. So what's new with the Xbox 1S? Well, it can do everything the original Xbox one can, but adds in 4K and HDR capability. HDR lets TVs display a lot more color in more finer detail It comes in three hard drive sizes, a 500-gig, a one terabyte, and a two terabyte version. Now the 1S introduces a new controller, but it feels cheaper to me. I don't really like the plastic grips on the back. And the deep head just doesn't feel quite as precise as the original. But the controller does have bluetooth support. So now you can use it with other devices. So we really had a tough time getting 4K and more specifically HDR to work correctly with the Xbox 1S and the number of TVs we tested it with It forced us to play trail and error with a bunch of different settings. It was frustrating and honestly, the end result is a bit underwhelming. 4K streaming worked well with Netflix, but you do need to have serious bandwidth to support that. So do you need to buy and Xbox One S? Probably not. You definitely needed to upgrade one on this 4K and HDR is the most important thing to only a small handful of games would even support HDR. Games will not be played in 4K though only upscale to it. Xbox won't get true 4K game until projects. Scorpio arrives which Microsoft is targeting for the 2017 holiday season. If this is the first Xbox One you're going to buy and you do own a 4K TV. Well, then yeah this is the one to get. But a 4K isn't in the cart Parts for you and you also don't want to wait a year for Project Scorpio. You may even want to consider getting an older Xbox One if you can find it for cheaper which odds are, you can.