[MUSIC] This is cnet and hear the stories that matter right now. [SOUND] At it's Annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple unveiled a new homescreen design for the iPhone with the release if iOS 14. The new homescreen will make it easier to navigate through all of your apps and will include widgets. Apple added a new App Library, a space at the end of your home screens that organizes all of your apps in a simpler, easier to navigate view. All of your apps will automatically be organized there, giving you a Do a wider view of what you've downloaded and lending you hide the apps you don't use that frequently, though, you'll still be able to find them in the app library later. Apple also wants to bring virtual car keys to iOS 14, and even iOS 13 with BMW as its first partner. Virtual car keys are just what they sound like. Digital keys that allow you to open and unlock your car just by using the NFC chip in recent iPhones. No more fumbling for keys at the bottom of your purse or shorts. Just grab your phone and away you go. But more impressively car key will enable you to quickly and easily create virtual keys and send them via iMessage Meaning you can give permissions to your kids, parents or friends without having to get a new key cut or replaced. And finally watch OS seven is coming, and it adds much anticipated sleep tracking features, including a wind down mode to help you get to bed on time. When you wake up, you'll see a visualization of your previous night's sleep. Including periods of wake and sleep, and a chart showing weekly sleep trends. While the watch still lacks a watch face store, the new software adds the ability to share customized watch faces and complicated If a shared watch face uses apps you don't have, you'll be able to download them easily for much more from WWDC 20 stay up to date with the latest by visiting CNET.