WikiLeaks has released what it says are thousands of documents that describe the methods and software tools the CIA used to break into smartphones, cars, computers and even smart TVs. CNET has not been able to verify the authenticity of the documents and in a statement to CBS News, a CIA spokesperson said, we do not comment on the authenticity of content of purported intelligence documents. Now experts who have begun to sift the material say it appears to be legitimate according to CBS News. WikiLeaks has a track record of releasing top secret documents from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman's emails to classified Baghdad air strike footage from 2007. The latest WikiLeaks release appears to show the CIA and the Allied Intelligence Community had found ways to bypass encryption on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. Now, one of the CIA programs code named Weeping Angel, allegedly uses Samsung smart TVs as covert listening devices. The television can act as a bug to record conversations in the room and then send them over to a covert CIA server. Apple and Google declined to comment on WikiLeaks claim and Samsung has not responded to our requests for comment. As the story continues to evolve and more information is brought to light from the released WikiLeaks Docs, we'll keep you posted right here at CNET. COM. [MUSIC]