Shara Tibken: So it's the 10-Year anniversary of the iPhone what big changes would you really like to see in it? Steve Wozniak: Right now all the phones are pretty good, all the smartphones are pretty good and it's so hard to come up with what's a new idea that nobody else has thought of. You might come up with some dinky feature.. I like the fact that okay, on a Samsung phone you can say smile, click it takes a picture from your voice. That's cute, that's cheesy. But that's not the sort of thing that makes a whole new product. I think keeping the market with good products only, keeping everyone satisfied knowing that there's so much attention being put into their experience. Is all I can really think of. I don't think we're gonna get down to everything you do on a phone's gonna be on a watch. Cars were roughly the same size and purpose and build, four wheels and a chassis, for 100 years. So it might be that the device that fits in your hand, all sorts of different sizes like cars, will be the dominant technology for a long time. The Apple Watch ID. It does so much beneficial stuff for me. A lot of people talk about, I don't really need a watch, it doesn't really give me anything more than I have with my phone. This thing saves my life so many times. Phone call comes in that I don't want, it's just a number, nobody I know, hang it up right here on the watch. Notifications come, buzz me, I know what's happening. I ask a question of the world, I can get the weather, I can I can even navigate with the watch on it's own. It actually talks to you and it beeps, it buzzes your arm to tell you when to turn. I use [UNKNOWN]. Most convenient payment system I've ever found. Right on the watch. Don't have to pull anything out of my pocket. Not a wallet, not cash, not a phone. Yeah. Just pay right here and for boarding passes it's convenient. And movie tickets. I'll tell you once it gets into your life, yeah you find out it's as versatile as a computer.