[MUSIC] These are the top five reasons the surface duo will be fantastic. And in case you're wondering, Microsoft is not sponsoring this video, because that's not how this show works. Anyway, Microsoft has a brand new folding tablet coming out. Called the Surface Duo. The company really does not want people calling it a phone, but that is going to happen. The Duo will be able to make and take calls while running Android. Sounds like a phone to a lot of us. So let's get to why it will be great. At number five, Microsoft announced this thing around a year in advance. The Surface Duo is scheduled for a holiday 2020 release date. How often do we get to see a company show off a totally different style of product? With this much of a lead time, not very, developers have time to figure out how to take full advantage of the two screens on the duo. Sure, you can put one app on the screen or just span one app on both, but that's obvious. Microsoft showed off using the device as The phone using one screen as a notification screen, having a giant keyboard and even using one of the screens as a gamepad while the top displayed the game, expect to see some creative ideas by developers [SOUND] and number four, it's a. Not running Windows. This is not a knock on Windows 10, or Windows 10 X the new OS for dual screen devices. The duo is running on a Qualcomm, a 50, which is an arm chip. Microsoft makes a version of Windows 10 that runs on arm, like the one that's on the new Surface Pro X. So it could have been really easy for Microsoft to slap windows into its new folding device. But no This is Microsoft thinking about the consumer. Android has tons of apps and is quite mature. people already know how to use it. If you're using a pocket device that you may make calls on, you might be expecting a familiar experience like with Android, which brings us to number three. The Surface Duo is running Android. The operating system already has built-in support for foldable devices like the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. Motorola is also working on its own foldable. All have different approaches as to how their screens Unfold. Microsoft will benefit from the trial and error developers making apps for those other devices. Plus, Microsoft already makes lots of great mobile apps for Android. No seriously, look it up. Look at the Play Store. Lots of Microsoft apps at around four and a half stars. Let's talk a bit about the your phone companion app. A launcher Android to your PC. That means that the duo and pretty much any Android device can have the best of both worlds. You get Android and Windows playing together if you're using Microsoft apps between the duo and a PC It should feel pretty consistent. At number 2, Google. Listen to this clip from Microsoft's live event. This product brings together the absolute best of Microsoft. And we're partnering with Google to bring together the absolute best of Android. In to one product. He said Microsoft is partnering with Google. That means that Microsoft is going to be privy to all kinds of good stuff. This is not like an Amazon Fire device that runs a version of Android. This is real Android with Microsoft working together with Google. That sounds insane. I very much want that to mean That the Surface Duo, will be getting android updates as quickly as pixel devices. But who knows, a man can dream. And at number one, the world is ready for the Duo. We've seen dual-screen android devices in the past. A colleague of mine tweeted out, The Duo/Neo are dinosaurs. Remember the Kyocera Echo. That came out in 2011. Now the Echo had two screens, that when unfolded, give you a massive 4.7 inch screen. There was also another two-screened Android, called the ZTE [INAUDIBLE] Axon m had two 5.2 inch screens, held together by a hinge. Now I answered that tweet by saying, Duo/Neo are more like birds. Lighter more evolved and can probably survive in the current environment. environment. The hardware Microsoft put together, looks sleek and modern. Compare that to the axe on him which was heavy and conversing. Microsoft has put a huge emphasis, on how surface devices feel on the hand We are likely not going to get a cumbersome device. As for modern folding phones they are still using a plastic layer on the flexible displays. That's nice because you can have one continuous screen. However, there are durability concerns with that kind of display. Microsoft is going with glass on each of its screens which is pretty dang durable. If there's gonna be any points of weaknesses, it's probably gonna be in those hinges. But we'll have to see when this thing comes out. One bonus thing, by the way, Microsoft has a whole bunch of time to see how the market and developers respond. The company had just pulled the plug on the device before the holiday season. However, I think we're going to get a lot of multi-screen devices in the future. Are you excited about the DUO? Let me know in the comments. I'm Iyaz Akhtar, and I'll see you online. [MUSIC]