So I've been going around to different states for my personal challenge for the year to see how the different communities are working across the country. [MUSIC] We really wanted to learn a little bit more about Zuckerberg as a person.Fcabeook ahs 2.2 bilion members it's an extremely powerful platform so who is this guy who run who is this guy who started it. We thought it might be informative to go to some of these places and see who he met and go to where he. And you're up [BLANK AUDIO] We're here in Dobbs ferry New York, about 20 miles north of New York City. And this is where Mark Zuckerberg Grew up. We're here at his childhood home. His dad ran a dental practice from here. And it's still a working dental practice today. [MUSIC] Zuckerberg was visiting Very and he popped into his old barber shop and the barber told me that [UNKNOWN] talking about how Facebook had maybe gotten too big and that how he couldn't go out and meet people anymore and all that seemed kind of Because, of what Facebook is going through now. I saw a bunch of Mark Zuckerburg's yearbook photo's and in them, he's got braces and he's in a ton of clubs. [MUSIC] So I Talks to both his fencing coach and her daughter, who was his fencing teammate. His old fencing teammate told me stories about how he would bake brownies for a fundraiser. She talked about how he would lead sing-alongs on the bus to tournaments. You kinda got this look at Mark Zuckerberg, who is kind of known for being socially awkward And robotic. The picture that these folks give is kind of more complete, more human. [MUSIC] Zuckerberg visited Williston, North Dakota, and his goal was to find out a little bit more about the fracking industry, because it has to do with these controversial things like global warming and energy. The second I wanted to go visit an oil rig, one of the things that people told me was his handlers thought that he wouldn't want to like put on the coveralls and the goggles and actually go up under the rig. But, they said that he was game for all of that, he said that he wanted to be [INAUDIBLE] and then he went to a round table dinner with. A few local people. He asked a lot of questions about oil, about actually trying to learn specifics of the oil industry. He asked questions about the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is not too far away. And they asked Asked him questions about everything, what it's like to run Facebook, what he does for exercise. The people who met with him really did take away this feeling that he was sincere and that he wanted to learn. [MUSIC] I think really what we got to know about Zuckerberg was that He's a normal guy who's got incredible pressure on his shoulders, and you really get a portrait of somebody who was trying to figure things out at a really tough time in his professional life, and you do get the sense that he was soul searching a little bit, and he was looking for answers. [MUSIC]