[MUSIC] The biggest choice you make at the beginning is wired versus wireless. There's a big push towards wireless now. Wireless headphones can also be wired. Beyond that, then you're looking at In ear, on ear, over ear,and then totally wireless headphones. You can also get headphones that plug directly into the lightning port part of your iPhone. It's a small category. And on top of that, you have a lot of people are looking for a sports headphone that's sweat resistant, that's durable And that you could use at the gym and also just for everyday use. I sort of put them in order of comfort, sound quality and price. So you wanna balance out how comfortable the headphone is when you're wearing it. You want something that you can wear for long periods of time, doesn't bother you. And then the sound quality. There are various sound qualities with headphones. Some have a little more bass, some have a little more treble boost. So you have to find one that suits what music you like to listen to. And then the price, for a lot of people the price is a big deal. Because they have their kind of limits about how much they wanna spend. I would say there's a fourth factor is whether you want something like noise cancelling or not, and also wireless versus wired. Really the biggest innovations we're seeing are in the totally wireless headphone space where you have two independent bud And they have no wire between them, we've seen more integration with voice and assistance, like the likes of Google assistant and Siri just that becoming quick access from the headphones there is also exelormeters in some of the sports headphones reps and So a lot of so-called smart features. There are now touch controls. Those hopefully will get even better. When the battery technology gets better in some of these in-ear headphones, you may have a little bit better AI situations where It may not be quite like the movie Her, where you have your personal assistant in your ear all the time. But in theory, way down the line, that's something we may see. When we test headphones we have a number of tracks we listen to that we know well and that we can compare from one headphone to the next. So in a lot of cases we'll be Pulling one headphone off, putting the other one on, listening to the same track, listening for how much detail there is, whether there's base push, whether there's trouble push, whether there's some warp in the mid range. What I try to do when I do a review is to give people a snapshot of the head phone, the sound profile A lot of headphones these days actually come with apps that allow you to adjust the sound but I'm just reviewing from the default sound. The one good thing about head phones is that the technology isn't changing so fast you suddenly want to suddenly want to ditch a headphone, and by the same token you can often get models that are a year or two old for a big discount. $300 headphone is now suddenly $150 even $100 headphone. So that's where you can get some really nice deals and they're still really good headphones that have just become great values. [MUSIC]