Speaker 1: Mobile World Congress sees almost all of the world's biggest tech companies to descend on Barcelona to show off the latest greatest tech, and this year will be no different. With some brands already teasing what they'll be showing off ahead of the show's opening on Monday the 26th of Feb, we will be there in person, armed with our laptops, our cameras, and quite possibly some lovely Spanish beers. So what can we actually expect from the show? Let's find out. Speaker 1: [00:00:30] It's a mobile focused show, so of course we're going to see new phones. Typically, we'd expect to see launches from Nokia, from TCL, from Honor and a whole variety of others. And of course we absolutely expect to see that this time round. In fact, honor has already said it will be launching its next flagship Magic six Pro on the 25th London-based mobile firm. Nothing whilst rumored to be launching its latest phone, the Nothing Phone two A at NWC, but it has since [00:01:00] confirmed a launch on March 5th, which technically falls outside of NWC timings, but it's close enough for me to include in this video. Last year Motorola treated us to an amazing concept phone that extended the screen out automatically, but back in October last year, it teased a different sort of bendable screen, but this one was more of a phone that you can wear as a bracelet. Speaker 1: While Motorola hasn't said anything about launching this as a real product, we firmly expect to actually [00:01:30] be able to see it in person at the show. So we are very excited to get our hands on it or maybe wrists get our wrists on it. Speaking of concepts, one Plus has a pretty good track record of making some quirky versions of its phones, including the liquid cooled version of the one plus 11 that it showed off at last year's MWC Soundly. We've had no word of any upcoming concepts this time round, but we remain hopeful. What we might get though is an actual real product in the form of the One Plus Watch two. [00:02:00] OnePlus launched its first Gen wearable back in 2021, and to be honest, it didn't really impress, we dunno anything about the One Plus Watch two yet, but some rumors have suggested that it will be unveiled during NWC. Speaker 1: So stay tuned. Watch fans. Samsung teased its new health wearable. The Galaxy Ring back in its unpacked event in January, but since then we haven't really seen much of it. It's possible Samsung may show off more of its ring at MWC this year and maybe even let us get our fingers [00:02:30] on it. So it's highly likely that we may see some competitive devices at the show and whether this takes the form of wearable rings like the Galaxy ring or if we'll start to see an influx of wearable health tracking necklaces or ear piercings that remains to be seen. But the same could well be true of mixed reality or spatial computing headsets. Apple's Vision Pro has taken the tech world by storm, so it is quite likely that we may well see some competitor devices from other companies [00:03:00] wanting to get in on the spatial computing action. Speaker 1: Finally, some rumors suggest that Xiaomi is going to be showing off its next flagships, including the Xiaomi 14 and the Xmi 14 Ultra. Now the latter of which is rumored to be made with Titanium, helping it keep pace with Apple and Samsung, but the company might have an even bigger product to show off back in 2021. JMI made it very clear that it intends to enter the automotive space and at the end of last year it took the wraps off its first [00:03:30] ev. The Jmi SU seven Zami has plans to become one of the big five car manufacturers in the whole world. So it's quite likely that we're going to see some sign of this car at MWC. The show is already looking like it's going to be jam packed, but there are always a ton of surprises once we actually get on the show floor. So if you don't want to miss out on any of the big tech announcements, make sure to keep your eyes firmly fixed on cnet.com.