[MUSIC] What's good? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the Apple Byte for everything, good and bad, inside the world of Apple. Let's start with Apple's rumored March 15th event, which has now been confirmed for March the 21st according to re/code and other sources. Not only has the date changed, but the product lineup has morphed a little bit as well. The nine to five Mac reports that Apple has decided to drop the five from the 5SE and will simply call it the iPhone SE. It is reported Apple employees have referred to it internally as the iPhone Special Edition. Well, some of you called it the [NOISE] edition when I asked for your ideas. Mac rumors commissioned designer Thomas Moyano to create a mock up that combined the rumored curved edges of the iPhone 6S that you can see here. With the boxier shape of the iPhone 5S to come up with these renderings, but really what's so special about this if it's replacing the iPhone 5S with no new technology? Yeah, I'm just gonna hold onto my bad Apple until this one's official. Now, the March 21st event is also expected to include a new iPad. But not a new iPad air 3. Nine to Five Mac sources says the new 9.7-inch iPad will be part of the new iPad Pro line. This smaller iPad pro will have nearly identical features as its big bro. With an A9X processor, Apple Pencil support, and a smart connector, which will alow this iPad Pro to connect to a smaller smart keyboard as well. Stereo speakers will be part of this product, but it's an attempt to really simplify its iPad lineup. Now the key difference is that the new 9.7 inch model is expected to include a 12 megapixel camera similar to the one found in the iPhone 6S. The current iPad Pro, the one that I have, only has an eight megapixel rear camera. That also means this iPad would be capable of shooting 4K video and helping to increase the exploding user base of iPad camera enthusiasts, which scares me. Now, new Apple Watch bands are still expected, as well, so we'll just have to wait to officially find out everything in just a few more weeks. We also still don't expect to see the iPhone 7 make an appearance. People are still all torn up about the headphone jack situation but a recent patent granted to Apple this week revealed their plans for a magnetically detachable wireless earbuds for the iPhone. Now check this out. The patent drawing showcased a main audio cable that is connected to a device And a magnetic system that attaches the earbuds on their own cable to it. The main hose cord is described as having the ability to charge the batteries for the detachable headphones with a wired audio signal, but once it detects That is disconnected, the system stops charging and activates wireless communication. And even this, the drawings show a version that is just specific to detachable ear buds. This is sick, and we could possibly see this In the next iPhone. [SOUND] All right, in the Apple versus the FBI battle, the two spent over five hours, testifying to congress over the battle for Apple to help the FBI gain access to the San Bernardino terrorists phone. There was no definitive conclusion, but along side the tech world, the ACLU and three other privacy groups, have put their support behind Apple saying, what the FBI is requesting would violate the privacy and security of Americans As it would require a private American company, Apple, to act as an agent for investigations. Now in a separate case, a magistrate judge in New York ruled that the government, using the All Writs Act, can't force Apple to unlock the iPhone, and is reaching too far. This case dealt with the drug trafficking investigation and again, a government request for access to an iPhone, but it could give Apple an upper hand going into its legal battle with the FBI. Now we asked you, the Appleby nation, to chime in with your thoughts on this whole situation for, you know, a free sticker. Harls says, Apple shouldn't create a back door for the FBI because that would be A bad apple. Now Fed for Change says, given the Fed's own problem with cyber security, they may come to regret weakening protections. Then Simone Golicher said, my phone, my peanut butter and jelly. Stay away, government. That just made me hungry. Now on Twitter, Crini Rad writes Since when a dead terrorist writes has the right to privacy? And Jay Pichardo writes, I bet that if Apple makes a car they will make a coupe so that none None of their products have a back door. Yeah, and Jay it also won't come with Windows. One time, two times. Okay, pay attention, now this might be more important compared to anything that happens between the Apple and FBI. I introduce to you, the Mac Book selfie stick. This is real. You won't be able to purchase one, but it's creative project from New York City artist, [UNKNOWN], [UNKNOWN], and Tom Galley. This could be a statement on where we're going next and how horrible it would look. So you know, I had to look it up and found that yes, Indeed there are also. iPad selfie sticks available on the market today. That is just a brutal bad apple. And whoever's making those needs to be knocked over the head and if I see anyone in public with an iPad selfie stick, I will trip you. And finally, one of my favorite video games of all time, Mortal Kombat X just got a massive update with Mortal Kombat KL [UNKNOWN] characters like Alien and Leatherface and that don't [UNKNOWN]. You can also play the iOS version of the game that unlocks cool new costumes in the console. And you only do that if you're a die hard fan that doesn't go out with his friends and stays up at 1 AM at night. Anyways, the good people at Warner Brothers have given me two codes for both the PS4 and the Xbox [UNKNOWN] cool game. Just tweet me @birantong with a hashtag MKXL tell me your favorite character and why PG-13 cosplay pictures are welcome as well. Alright that's going to do it this week thanks for watching we'll catch you next time for another bite of the apple.