Look at the size of this box. I they trying to marry me or what? But there's a wedding cake in here. Yeah, okay sorry about the bad jokes but seriously, this box is insane. I think this is actually the reviewers kit box. So Let's open it up. And the first thing I'm noticing is I don't need to open it up because it's one of those like self opening boxes. So let's do it. Ready. Set. Jurassic Park music that's a pretty cool Box but this is the actual box, the new Motorola razor comes in. Let me get this out of the way here. Put that off to the side. And yeah, it actually looks just like the box that the version that came out in February came in. It's got that really cool vertical stands I think I made this job back in February it looks a bit like a coffee grinder. Something tells me what's in here is better than coffee. But what's neat is you can actually see the phone to the top of the case without even opening it. Alright, let's try this ready set here is the brand new version of the Motorola razor folding phone. [MUSIC] Wow, look at that. That's the box there. And I'm going to move this out of the way we don't need it right now at the razor on the front part there. And then on the backside we have a little case with the accessories. Something that Motorola is really excited about with this box is that you can actually keep it. And you can put the Motorola razor into the stand and we play music. It helps amplify it a bit. How many phone boxes? Do you have that do that? Okay, so let's start with this case here. The accessory case, also looks like a high end, sunglass case. All right, and there's this really cool metal tag here with a word razor on it. If I open it up There we go. You can see there's some documentation on the inside there, and a bunch of little accessory things that we need. So let's take a look at those. All right, see here. Let's start with the documentation. Let's see what is this is. Little how to put a SIM card in your razor phone. And then we have here a legal safety and regulations guide. We don't need that. And then we have here a Motorola razor kinda quickstart guide. What's neat about this is there's a not only a lot of physical provements, the hardware, but some also feature improvements like the quick view display. You can put apps on that now. Alright, let's jump in next session but before we do, we gotta acknowledge the amazing sun beam that's hitting me and the wedding box here. Next we have a wall charger here. All right, and this has a USB A port on that wall charger. Cool and it does support turbo charging. We also have a SIM card tool so you can install your SIM card. But also a lot of people might not know this that the Motorola razor actually can support a sim as well. So you can actually have dual sim one a physical card and one in a sim. Also, it does have 5g so we can get that. All right, we have a charging cable here. It's USBC To USB A awesome and last but not least we have a dongle How about that? So we have a USB C two headphone jack though because there is no headphone jack built into the razor. You know, that's okay. And that's it the our little accessory box is officially empty. So let's see if I can close it all up. There we go. But let's get on to the main event. Nothing my jabber, jabber here. Let's get on to the brand new Motorola razor. We take it out of the box here. Let's just put our acoustical stand over here for now. Ooh, got a little peel. Here. I'll save this. Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] Big sound there but that's the quick view display on the front or outside. This is the main screen it has a factory Motorola screen peel on it. It says warning do not apply a screen protector as it will damage the display. So we're gonna peel this off now. Let's see There we go. Be very quiet. Listen, take a listen. [BLANK_AUDIO] Come on. We have a foldable phone. I gotta fold it. Let's do it. Are you ready? [BLANK_AUDIO] Couple first impressions here, this feels solid. This feels nice, not to say that the first one did not. But I think the big difference is is the frame of this has been from aluminum and the back is glass versus that composite. So it feels Nice and premium in the hand. The I don't know the hinge here. This seems like it almost has like, like shoulder pads or something on it, which is kind of cool. I noticed like it kind of gives me a place for my thumb and index finger to go which is really neat. And let's try to one hand opening. You guys ready? Yeah, that's let's see if I can do it left handed without breaking anything. Okay, so it's really easy to open one handed. The first one was pretty easy. You'd have to give it a nice solid, brisk whip. But this is nice. Yeah. And I think part of that is the Tape again. So something I noticed too is the fingerprint sensor that was on the front has now moved to the back. That would be kinda cool to see when you have your hands here. Finger goes basically right there, feels pretty comfortable. If you look at it here, the gap is fully closed. So that's one of the primary differences between something like this. The Galaxy z flip. On the front there's a different camera now. The first Motorola that came out February, the camera on it almost looked like an outie belly button. I actually thought it looked pretty cool the way they integrated it. But this new camera is supposed to be better Spectre has 48 megapixels. It has quad pixel binning so that means you're going to get Images with low image noise and in like that medium light situation, your images will be maybe a little bit brighter, which would be great. On the first Motorola razor. The buttons were all on the right side. So you had the volume rocker and the power button here I got the volume rocker on the right side, and on the left side have the power button. So that will be helpful. I can't tell you Granted, I haven't liked, I don't know, 10 days, almost two weeks. It was very confusing still in my muscle memory to remember which button was, which cause they were all really close together too. So this should make it much easier. So let's turn this on. All right, right there [MUSIC] Get the Motorola logo on the internal display, but also the external display. [MUSIC] The unboxing is over but if you want more about this Motorola razor There is some great news and that's because of time, deadlines and prerecorded video, you can actual watch my first look video all about the Motorola raiser right now. In fact if you're on YouTube it's probably the one right next to this one. And I go much more in depth about Motorola raiser, all the new changes and the differences between it and the one that came out in February. [MUSIC]