The dream of flying in a metal exoskeleton. CES is full of all sorts of strange experiments. And Hypersuit is the sort of thing you'd expect to see. Designed as a type of a arcade attraction, or something to be used in public spaces. Hypersuit is a giant metal device that connects with HDC Vibe or Oculus Rift to create a feeling of mechanized motion. I tried it out, it is hard to control but does definitely feel at times like I'm banking around with giant metal weights. Crazy but that was the whole idea, the team wanted to live a dream and this is what the product is. Hyper suit wants to make full metal exoskeletons next Meaning leg motion as well. Imagine hopping into a giant mechanized robot in VR at your local mall. Maybe that will happen. My brief time in [UNKNOWN] was spent circling over polygon-style planes, and going through glowing rings. Trying to bank around, and get around the clouds and over mountains. I found that my right wing was a little more effective than my left wing. Maybe that's muscle control and my own muscle tone, maybe it's masseuse. I couldn't tell. But by moving your hand together, you could dive in lower. But towing them back you could raise. And you can also bank your arms left and right. It looks like i was doing some sort of robotic taichee on a massage table.