Okay, let's check out this section of the room, interested in that bird. [MUSIC] It's mapping using these cameras, detecting what the surfaces look like. I can see these. Little map of squares cover all the objects I'm looking at, in this case the table, the couch, the space over here, up the walls. Okay, let's check out this section of the room. Interested in that bird and the screen on the television that you can't actually see but I can. Inside the headset. Looks like there's a skier. Let's see what this is like. Okay so I'm watching television on a television that isn't on. Let's give robo-lid a try. My. You broke right through the wall. Can see the wiring and the exposed wood inside the wall. And now there's this Robot creature talking to me. Well it's like shooting bolts of lightning at me. I guess he's giving me some powers. Okay. But if I tap my finger I can shoot holes on the wall too. Big laser beams that can blast those guys. What really like to browse or web. So when I Do that. Hey Cortana, open Edge. A web browser that's going to float in front of me. All around the room. And if I wanna grab it I should be able to pin it right on that wall. So let's do that. Just tap, place it on the wall. Pour me out to Twitter. And then maybe I want to adjust it a little bit more cuz this is a little small for me. Let's make it even a little bit bigger, yeah. There we go. Now we're gonna try HoloTour. So there's a painting, there's this whole easel that just appeared on my floor out of thin air. So now it's gonna go from the painting into a, okay, so now there's a 360 degree video of real life room around me. I can see the cobblestones, scenery in the distance, bunch of people below, umbrellas, and walking around and touring the area. Okay, we're gonna try a game called Fragments on the hollow lens right now. Tap to start. There's a person standing in the room. He's talking to me. As I walk around the room he's turning towards me. He wants me to log into Holo call, which is some kind of communication. Okay, there's a woman sitting on the couch. Another one over there talking about whoa. It brought up a hologram and somehow I exited the app. Well that's practice. [MUSIC] Now I can see little dots maybe I'll put it up on the speakers here let's do that. [music] Colorful triangles. [music]