[MUSIC] The OnePlus 7 Pro earns CNET's editor's choice for it's smooth screen, great camera, and affordable price. But like past OnePlus phones, the 7 Pro isn't IP rated for water resistance. Now, when OnePlus launched the phone, it released a video where it dunked the phone in a bucket of water. Only to then show a disclaimer saying that the company makes no guarantees regarding water or liquid resistance and that its warranty does not cover water damage while film makers that make IP rated phones have the same policy and also won't cover water damage it was still an odd video for One Plus to make. Now, the company claims that the phone is actually water resistant, but that it skipped out on an IP rating since that would raise the price of the phone, even though the phone's price has been steadily increasing year over year anyway. Because of this, we're never told how water-resistant the OnePlus 7 Pro is. So today, we're gonna try and find out, Full disclosure, we have every intention to push this phone to the point where it dies. I'm gonna be dunking this phone however long, and at whatever depth, it takes to kill it. So do not try this with your phone. [MUSIC] Now, let's begin. And then put it in here and okay. Now there are a lot of videos online already that dunk the phone for a few minutes underwater. From these outlets I know there's a good chance the phone can last about a minute or so. So I'm gonna start right off with that [UNKNOWN] in underwater for ten minutes. [MUSIC] All right. So ten minutes passed, and now we're gonna take the phone out. And the display is still on, which is a good sign. I'm gonna dry it here. You can see that the screen is still really responsive, so that's a good sign. And then we're going to play a video just to check the audio. So far the first five months [INAUDIBLE] that's real numbers. So you can tell that the audio is still a little bit distorted, a little bit kind crunchy, but I know that probably because the water is still in the speakers. Okay, we'll also wanna test the cameras both the rear and front, so the rear Is working, and I see if the front, It's gonna pop up in the front. There is somewhere in here and you can see a little bit of fog and condensation, I'm gonna wipe that off for the next time but the mechanism still works and it's still rising from the top, so that's good to know. I'm gonna do one last thing Let's make a phone call. So we'll see if that connects. And it says, so good. So now we know that even after drinking water for 10 minutes, it still can connect to another phone call. [MUSIC] So it survived for 10 minutes, and we let it dry for a couple more hours and now we are going to up the ante and dunk it underwater for 30 minutes. All right. Good luck. [MUSIC] Okay so 30 minutes has passed we're gonna take this phone out now and dry it off and see if it still works. And since we're going to test out audio i kinda want to use this air compressor and kind of get any remaining waters out. Alright, so we'll go through the whole rigmarole again. As you can see the display still works I'm topping along right swimmingly. And then we're going to test a video play video, see if it connects to the internet and if it plays the audio. Zero compared to the same 5 months last year. In other words they're on fire. So the audio is actually really good. It doesn't sound as distorted as before. That's probably because I cleared it with compressed air. The next thing we could do is make a call call. [MUSIC] Yes, it connects. So that is also a really good sign that it's still in working order. And we're gonna check out the camera, see if it could turn on and still take a picture. Looks great all the settings. I could swipe through the settings pretty easily. And then let's see if the mechanism for the front facing camera still works. And yeah, you can still see it pops up. And it pops down and the mechanism is still pretty smooth. The good news is that the front facing camera is still functioning. All right. Now that we know that the phone can survive ten and 30 minutes in the tank. We're gonna do something even more intense and take it to the poor. In the meantime though, we're going to dry it out in this little container of uncooked rice. We know it's not a guarantee methods remove all water damage in a phone but brought Intents and purposes we're going to help this little guy along so you can try out as best as you can. So we'll put him there you go. Go to sleep, little buddy. We'll see you soon. All right. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] So we are here now at a pool and we are going to submerge this phone and even more extreme conditions. We are going to test it as if it is rated ipx7 which is what most water resistant phones are rated these days, that translates to about three feet of water for 30 minutes goodbye. [MUSIC] Thank you, all right So now we're gonna check if this phone is still working and it looks to be dead I mean I can't even turn on the screen is black. Nothing is happening although when I press down on the power button I do feel a haptic like beep. It's just kind of. Vibrating just a little bit and then it goes away is every time I turn on the power button, but other than that is seems to be officially dead. I'm going to call it the one plus seven pro didn't survive our first poll test but I want to say that the overall experiment. Has been a win for a phone that's not IP rated. We know that it can survive a 30 minute dunk test in a fish tank. And I think that's enough reassurance for me that means it can definitely survive an accidental dunk in a pool or a sink which is how most people lose their phones when it comes to water damage anyway. We might not know the true and exact rationale why one plus won't certify the phone. But at least we have concrete data that the phone would at least survive a basic stina water dunking tests, which is what we carry out for most phones that are IP rated. In the meantime, we are going to try to revive this phone. So if you want to check back on that, look at the article at CNET. com and thanks for joining us. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]