[MUSIC] Hey guys so Apple Amazon and Google all have voice enabled speakers. So we thought of you really find to see how each one compare. So we're gonna ask each speaker three questions. And we'll just cut to the answer to see how they respond. Now there's not gonna be an official winner at the end of this, but it will give you a better sense of how they react to general everyday questions. First up we're gonna ask each assistant to play calming music. Hey Siri play me some calming music. Okay. Here's show music picked just for you. Here's a station for calming music, classical focus from Amazon music. Okay, here's a Spotify playlist called Calming Christian. As you can see, all three assistants were able to play calming music. Although, Google assistant specifically chose calming Christian music which I didn't specify, but still they're all able to choose different themes, different styles of music, as well as specific songs and musicians. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Next up we're gonna ask each one to set a reminder. Hey Sury remind me to call the vet tomorrow. Okay, I added call the vet to the reminders for tomorrow at 9:00 AM. What time tommorrow should I remind you? Noon please. Okay, I'll remind you tomorrow at noon. Okay, I'll remind you tomorrow at 8 AM. I like that all three assistants let you make reminders, but Siri and the Google Assistant Default to specific times whereas Alexa actually asks you when you'd like to be reminded. [MUSIC] So you may have noticed that in the previous shot, the lights behind me were turned on. We turned them off to see how each assistant can respond and if it's able to actually turn the lights on. Hey Siri, turn on the kitchen lights. Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] Sure, turning four lights on So as you can see, all three of these assistants are able to control lights. But not only lights, also thermostats, smart shades, all kinds of connected smart home products. [MUSIC] That was just a very brief overview of how each of these voice assistants responds to basic, every day commands. And it's something that we'll continue to track. Over time as they improve and change, thanks for watching. [MUSIC]