We're moving into a world where you will soon be able to plan trips, shop, even talk to intelligent bots all from within your Skype chat. And you see I have a visual video mail from, From Gurdeep. I'm gonna play it. Hey. I just learned that you've been asked to keynote Codess again this year. Congratulations and thanks for everything you do for Skype. You're seeing here there are some new things in this next generation of Skype. You see this visual video mail. So we have a video message with the transcript right below. This is one of the examples where we're taking intelligence from things like Skype Translator and bringing them directly into everyday features, like video messages. So in this next generation, okay, the other thing that you'll notice in the canvas is my personal assistant Cortana is always there in the upper right hand corner. Cortana is there if I want to talk to her one on one, or in a group. Or even as you can see here she's subtly improving my messages by highlighting key points in my texts. So now you see Cortana's actually sending me a private message, I'm gonna tap that and I go into the one on one conversation I have with Cortana. So she's telling me the Cups and Cakes Bot would like to know my location for delivery And yes, I'll share it. The agent Cortana is actually brokering the conversation with the third party bot, the Cups and Cakes bot. Now I see this rich card that is showing me that the cupcake is on its way and that it will be here within a few minutes. All of this is happening within my Skype chat. This is just one example of the many ways that you're going to start seeing businesses using the power of Skype and Cortana to interact with their customers. And since I'm already talking to Cortana and I've committed to doing this The key note, I'm gonna go ahead and try to plan the rest of my trip. [UNKNOWN] Cortana is proactively thinking about the next steps in coordinating my trip. So she's actually suggesting that I connect with the Westin bot, anybody who knows me knows I usually stay at a Westin bot. So what you see here now is Cortana has actually introduced the Westin bot into the conversation, but not only has she done that. She has given the lesson about context so I don't have to repeat myself, the [UNKNOWN] knows this is for Dublin and it's for those particular dates. All of this saves me a lot of time and effort and now because Cortona has all my relevant details the [UNKNOWN] bot can actually leave the conversation. Now we're seeing a third aspect of Cortona she knows my connections she knows who I communicate with. And so here you're seeing her actually suggest that when I go on this trip to Dublin that I communicate with my friend Jenny. And I see this card, I could call her directly from here or video call her. But I don't know what time it is and so I'm going to choose to message her. Clicking that takes me to the conversation I have with Jenny. The other thing you'll notice is that Cortana because she has context about why I'm picking Jenny She's pre-populated the text with context around when I'm going to Dublin and basically why I want to talk to her. So this is just a glimpse into how Skype and Cortana powered by Bing can make our conversations more productive, informed and fun.