Speaker 1: Command engine the start two, one Speaker 2: With our first human Speaker 3: Crew. Today is the day in just 90 minutes from now. Jeff Bezos, his brother, [00:00:30] Mark Bezos, aviation icon, Wally funk, and our first paying customer Oliver Damon will launch to space and back. It is a historic moment for human space flight and a future where millions of people are living and working in space today at blue origin. It's first human flight and here the astronauts come [00:01:00] There. You see Jeff Bezos in the foreground Oliver, Damon stepping into the Rivian while you're with Speaker 4: Me Speaker 3: Crew member seven, Kevin spoke there on the right. Speaker 4: Thank you Speaker 3: As well as Wally funk. What a moment for her? All right. They are leaving the, uh, astronaut safety shelter here. [00:01:30] Let's watch as they prepare to cross the bridge. What a moment? Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, [00:02:00] Wally funk and Oliver Damon ring the ceremonial bell, making some noise on their way to get into the crew capsule. Speaker 1: D minus 10, 9, 8, 7 6 5 4. Command engine start two, one, Speaker 2: [00:02:30] And new shepherd has feared the power on our way to space with our first Speaker 3: Human crew. Go, Jeff, go mark. Go wall, go Oliver. You are go the, [00:03:00] Oh my goodness. Listen to the roar of the B three engine. We are just about to pass through max Q maximum dynamic pressure that when the stresses on the vehicle are at their max, max is confirmed. Beautiful burn on that. B E three engine. Speaker 5: [00:03:30] Woo. Oh, wow. Wow. You have to look out the window. Oh, need kids. Oh wow. Speaker 3: And there we go. Our astronauts have passed the Carmen line at about 328,000 feet. Continuing there as [00:04:00] you see the two vehicles there, when the speed hits zero, you know that they've hit Haji, their maximum altitude and you hear their having quite an experience. Speaker 5: Okay. I back [00:04:30] for it. Yeah. Speaker 6: One minute warning. One minute. Warning Speaker 5: Cat. Got it. [00:05:00] See if I can see the booth. Yeah. Yeah. I cannot. Oh, wow. Take, okay. Look at this and starts up here. Oh wow. [00:05:30] An hour. Everybody in Speaker 6: First. Got status check as you not all of Speaker 5: All of her status check. Oh, sorry. Blue control all of her, uh, status. Perfect. Speaker 6: Copy. Astronaut. Wally, Speaker 5: Wally Speaker 6: [00:06:00] Copy. Astronaut demo. Speaker 5: Astronaut demo. Right by Speaker 6: Copy. Astronaut. Bezo Speaker 5: [00:06:30] Happy. Happy, happy, Speaker 6: Copy. Speaker 3: Thank you again, everybody for joining us live for our first year in flight on new shepherd. So far a nominal flight. Our booster is about to return to its landing pad. There. We see engine lights, [00:07:00] Sonic boom, And booster. Touchdown. Welcome back. New shepherd, A beautiful rocket that provided a beautiful flight to space. Speaker 6: [00:07:30] First up, your booster has landed. Speaker 5: Booster landed, landed control. Hear about the booster. Speaker 3: Huh? So far a nominal flight here comes the crew capsule back from space. The drugs deployed here are the mains out reefing and coming to full inflation. [00:08:00] Our, our rocket went over mock three and now they're coming floating back down at just about 15 or 16 miles an hour. About to join us home back here in west Texas. After having gone over the carbon line, the internationally recognized line of space And touchdown. Welcome back. New shepherds first [00:08:30] human crew. Speaker 5: What, Speaker 3: What Speaker 6: A like to earth first step. Congratulations to all of you. All of you. Speaker 3: Ugh. What a day? What a day. Very happy Speaker 5: Group of people on this capsule. And we're so grateful. Everybody who made this process. Thank you. Blue control, Oliver. Thank you so much for everyone Speaker 4: There. Amazing what Speaker 3: [00:09:30] Champagne and it's champagne time. Everybody. Speaker 4: It's the only proper way to end a space flight. Speaker 3: Exactly. Only proper way to end a space flight with a campaign shower. Speaker 4: So that's so a beautiful [00:10:00] moment there. Thank you Speaker 3: For a woman who, uh, was, was denied her opportunity to go to space in the sixties. She had to reach to the 2020s, but Manny was worth the weight there. You see the Bezos brothers hugging it out. Oliver, Damon. You saw him earlier giving his father a big hug. That was amazing. Everybody. I wanna thank you all for joining us from around the world for [00:10:30] today's blue origin, historic first human flight. It's been a moment for the ages and get us what we're just getting started. We've got two more flights this year and several more in the coming years.