Vizio and the FTC have reached a settlement on those TVs that would watch you back. The TV company has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle charges the FTC made against them for collecting consumer information without user consent. So what actually went And down. Software and Vizio's TVs could collect second by second data of what you were watching. Vizio could then share these very detailed, very valuable information with advertisers. The feature was used to collect data from 11 million TVs. The problem was, it did so without user consent. The FTC in New Jersey said that this practice violated consumer protection laws. And they took Vizio to court for the data tracking software. A court order also said it must obtain permission before any data is collected in future. As part of the settlement Vizio will also delete all data collected before March 1st, 2016. The practice was similar to programs we've seen from both Samsung and LG in the past so hopefully this settlement will set new standards for consumer protection in the future. I'm Luke Lancaster and for more up to the minute tech news check out CNET. COM