[SOUND] [MUSIC] The easiest virtually reality is the type that uses your everyday phone. Mattel's view master rebooted its classic brand with a pair of google car board compatible goggles for Andriod and Iphones last year. Those have rapidly become one of the top choices. For those seeking a cardboard alternative. Version 2, coming this fall, are a little more expensive at $40 but add a few useful features. You can finally connect headphones while wearing them and a focus style helps Work with more eyes. Not mine, since I wear glasses that won't fit. But CNET's Bridget Carey wore them just fine. View-Master 2.0 works with all your phone VR content designed for cardboard, plus its own apps and accessories, including a clever concept for two player gaming called Escape the Labyrinth. For kids seven and up this looks like the perfect VR toy.