[MUSIC] Hey everyone, I am Ian Somerhalder, and we are here in Atlanta, Georgia. My background being from rural Louisiana, particularly the wetlands of Louisiana. My parents showed me at a very young age, that when we take too much from the environment. The result is catastrophic. I realize that there is truly a need for immediate aggressive and collaborative movement forward, and that's what I expect the Ian Somerhaler Foundation was born. [MUSIC] If we are talking about self driving cars, clearly it's an ingenious idea, but it also is tech. Tech does fail. I just got married. And we want to have children relatively soon. And I'm just thinking about work, and my wife being on the way to the set. Our kids and dogs in the car at a stoplight, some unmanned car is coming by and there's a glitch in the system and what happens? Unmanned cars Scary. I've been on Vampire Diaries for six years, it's flown by like that. Fandom has changed it's no longer, hey man how are you, I really like what you do on TV. People come up to me in airports, or even on the street and will run up to me and jump in front of me and take a selfie and run away. [MUSIC] What's more important is a handshake or a hug or interaction where you actually get to see someone's eyes. And [INAUDIBLE] camera. We're building an animal sanctuary that's also a school. Teaching innovation, compassion, reverence, gratitude and education. I just wanna build this next generation of people who understand that there's a balance Between humanity and technology, we need even the greatest tech geniuses to step aside for one second and not be the mad scientist. And say we need to also be human. [MUSIC]