A tooth pick may just be an iPhone owner's best friend. I'm Dan Graziano and in today's how to I'm going to show you how to clean your iPhone's charging port with a tooth pick. We've all been there. You plug in your charger and it won't charge. You have to pull and twist the cord and if you're lucky it may start charging. There's a good chance that lint from your pocket or your purse has built up inside of the lightning port. It's really simple to fix this. To be safe you should back up your iPhone to your computer or to the cloud, then power it off and with a normal household toothpick gently remove the lint. You'll be surprised how much junk you get stuck up there. Connect the charger and see if it works. If not try again but this time with a can of compressed air. This should fit most charging issues iPhone owners face. You could also use this method to clean up the headphone jack on your device. For more tips and tricks like this, be sure and check out howto.cnet.com. You can also reach out to me on Twitter with any questions or comments. I'm Dan Graziano for CNet. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]