Hi guys. Lets talk about USB type C today, or USB-C. Now of course you know USB is the port on the computer that allows you to plug in to your smartphone, your external hard drive, your keyboard, your mouse, etc. via USB cables. I have a few of them here. Now this one is a standard USB 3.0 cable, standard because it has two ends. This end here called type A that remain the same and this end here's called Type B. That changes based on the device you use with. For example, this one here is a standard USB 3.0 Type B, and this one here is a standard Micro USB 3.0 cable Type A the same as Type B of Micro USB 3.0. And this one here is the regular USB cable for a printer type A the same, type B regular USB. And here this one is the mini USB cable type A the same, type B mini USB. As you can see you have to always fumble around to find the right cable, the right end of a cable, and then the right direction. To plug something in because if you flip the cable around it does not fit any more. Think about it. If you're in a hurry and it's kind of dark, you go to plug something into something else it isn't easy. And that's where USB C comes into play. Take a look at the cable here. This is USB C cable. Both ends are the same. And this one here is the USB-C port on a computer. You can see it can plug in any other way you want, any other end you want. And at the other end, you can only plug in the device very easily, as you can see. I can do that without even really looking at it. Now there's more though, USB-C can also deliver a much faster speed, up to 10 [UNKNOWN] per second And must more power. For that reason, it can also be used to charge much larger devices such as this laptop right here. But there's more, take a look here at this end of this USB cable, the low go, that's right, that is four Thunderbolt three. You guess it. Thunderbolt 3 now move to uses the same port as USB-C in other word, every Thunderbolt 3 port will also worked as USB-C port. And every Thunderbolt 3 cable will also work as USB And vice versa. Make sure they get good cables though. And finally there's now a new auto standard for USBC and that means it wants to see the disappearance of the good 3.5 millimeter jack on your smart phone. And, when that happens, it will truly be only one port and one cable to connect everything. That's pretty cool, I guess, but the idea of not having to carry all these cables only turns me on big. And, the plugging things into each other nicely, easily, and neatly, it's just another extra bonus that I can't wait to do. [MUSIC] And that's because I'm [INAUDIBLE] And this is strictly about USB Type-C. [MUSIC]