Hey. I'm Nate Ralph with CNet and we're here at Microsoft's Windows 10 event up here in Washington state. Now we say a lot of interesting products today but right now I'm standing in front of the Surface Hub. Now this particular model is 84 inches but there's also a 55 inch 1080p model. The 84 inch model has a 4K resolution. Now you notice I'm holding a pen in my hand. You can actually get three units with pens, writing on display at the same time. You know, inking and annotating, that sort of thing. Now if you wanna prefer to get hands on and use your fingers, you can support many more, many more things on the device, for many more users. There are two cameras on the left and right side. And now that's for communicating with people over Skype. You can pull in lots of people from around the world. And to use that conversations. Because its a Windows 10 device you can use plenty of other apps too. We saw a presentation for example using one note to sort of show people pulling in files and annotating on the white board and lots of things besides. You're going to see a lot more coverage on this on c net. So be sure to turn in. I'm Nate Ralph. Thanks for watching.