What is this little box have here? It's not a box of mint. These are EarPods. This little snap open box contains wireless charging buds that use new wireless technology from Apple that's gonna be compatible with the new iPhones and with Apple Watches. Pop these out and they have five hours of battery life. They also have proximity sensors and automatically know when you're wearing them. Put them in and these will automatically start playing the moment I put them in my ears. And if I wanna pause them, they're playing, I can take it out and they pause. Five hours of battery life on these. And the charging base will get you up to 24 hours of use. Apple is claiming a courageous new move with audio to not use the headphone jack anymore. So what are you going to do? You could go with lightning. You could go wireless. And you could go maybe better wireless. The new processor that's in And new, a new W1 processor. Is also gonna be a new line of B test bone. The idea that the audio will be hopefully better and auto switch across the multiple devices. Refer to testing these out, later in the fall, for now, I've got try ' out here in the semi room. I'm Scott Stein with CNET, with Apple's upcoming Air Pod Earphones.