Oops, you just hit send on an email you really didn't want to get out. Now there is an unsend option in Gmail. Before it used to be a lab only feature, so it was in beta. But now it's available To everyone and I'll show you how you can activate it. Open up Gmail on the web and then click the settings cog. Scroll down to the Settings option and then make sure you're in the General tab. Then, all you need to do is go down until you see a feature called Undo Send. You need to click Enable Undo Send Then choose the time out period between when you click send on the email and when the email is actually sent. Now simply scroll to the bottom of the page click save changes and you're ready to guard. So now to test it out I'm going to send an email complaining about things to my best friend but accidentally put my boss as the recipient. Subject line, you will never believe what happened today. And just for good measure, I'm gonna include a funny animated image. I'm gonna click Send and then, all of a sudden, when I see Send, I can suddenly hit Undo at the top which I'm gonna definitely wanna do because otherwise it's going to my boss. Once I've hit Undo, you'll then see the email pop up again, and you can either edit it or, probably on the safe side, delete it. That's a look a Gmail's Undo Send feature, if you wanna find out the full step by step tutorial, go to howto.cnet.com. [MUSIC]