This is cnet and hear the stories that matter right now. As Facebook deals with the fallout from a scandal involving misuse data from 50 million user accounts. The company has said it's hired a digital forensic firm, to conduct an audit of Cambridge Analytica, an agency used by the Trump campaign, that received their data from a third party App developer. Uber is halting it's self-driving car program after a woman was killed by an autonomous vehicle in Arizona. While an operator was behind the wheel, the woman was struck walking outside of a cross walk. As a result, Uber has paused other programs in Pittsburgh, Toronto, and other cities. Finally, the trial regarding the Justice Department's decision to block a merger between AT&T and Time Warner has begun. The highly politicized deal, worth $85 billion, will reportedly focus on the possible effect it would have on the TV industry and its customers. Along with assessing whether or not it would violate anti trust laws. [MUSIC] You can stay up to date with the latest by download the CNET Tech Today app in the Apple or Google Play store.