These are the top stories of the week, Twitter account info may be for sale, Apple's changing its app store, a new shatterproof phone and everything else you need to know. A hacker by the name of Tessa88 says they are selling information on 379 million Twitter accounts. Tesla88 is selling the data for 10 bitcoins which is around $6000. was given the database by Tesla88 and found it contained approximately 32.9 million records once you get rid of duplicates. A record includes username An email address or two, and plain text passwords. believes that data is not from a twitter breach, but due to malware installed on Twitter users' computers. The malware would have collected data from web browsers. Twitter has notified millions of affected Users. The verge reports big changes are coming to the Apple App Store. First up, subscriptions are coming to all apps. Right now, the subscription model is limited to certain apps. Apple will also take less money from apps with subscriptions. After one year, Apple will only take a 15% cut, instead of its normal 30%. Also, Apple will also show ads in its search results. The ads will be set off from regular results by their blue background and a blue ad box beneath the title of the ad. Lenovo showed off a whole bunch of phones, because Lenovo owns Motorola. Its most intriguing feature is its ability to support modular accessories through a magnetic connector port. The Moto Z can connect to a JBL speaker or a projector, and you won't have to turn off your phone to put these accessories on. The Moto Z also ditches the headphone jack in favor of an adapter, so that's Kind of interesting. Lenovo also introduced a concept flexible phone that you would wear like a watch. It's a fantastic looking device. But wait, there's even more. Lenovo showed off the Pro. It can handle Google Tango, which in a nutshell is a depth-sensing 3D camera system. Google has shown off Tango before, but this is the first ready-to-buy Tango phone. The Moto Z will arrive in the Summer, the concept flexible phone has no release dates and the fab two pro will be available in September. We got more news for you, so let's go rapid fire. Tesla reintroduced the Tesla Model S 60 which cost around $66,000. A Bloomberg report says Google founder Larry Page And invested over one hundred million dollars in a flying car company called Z-arrow, the same report says Page is also backing a second flying car start up called Kitty Hawk. Gun and Roses front man, Axl Rose is trying to get an unflattering picture of himself off the internet, you know how the rest of this story goes, right, memes. And Apples worldwide developers This conference kicks off on Monday, June 13th. We're expecting all kinds of software news like iOS 10 and MacOS 10. Plus, an update on Siri. Now, you're all caught up on techs. To get your daily dose of tech news, check out For a weekly dose, hit up I'm Iyaz Akhtar signing off.