My executive order calls for new regulations under Section 230 of the communications decency act. To make it that social media companies that engage in censoring or any political conduct. Will not be able to keep their liability shield that's a big deal. They have a shield, they can do what they want. They have a shield, they're not going to have that shield. My executive order further instructs the Federal Trade Commission FTC to prohibit social media companies from engaging in any deceptive acts or practices affecting commerce. This authority resides in section five of the Federal Trade Commission Act. I think you know it pretty well, most of you know very well, I would think you know it quite well, right? I tell you what, I have so much, it seems influence over Twitter in the sense of people wanting to seek out Twitter because of what I have, I have a vast number of, with a number of platforms as you know, we have millions and millions of people I think this if Twitter were not honorable if you're gonna have a guy like this in your judging jury, I think you shut it down as far as I'm concerned. But I'd have to go through a legal process to sit down and I don't know I'd have to ask the lawyers I'd have to go through a legal process. If it were legal. If we're able to be legally shut down, I would do it I think I'd be hurting it very badly if we didn't use it anymore. I mean, we have other sites we could use, I guess, or would have to develop other sites. But, and I'm not just talking about Twitter, look at Facebook. Look at the tribunal they set up at Facebook. This woman who is. You remember testifying recently in Congress? Her hatred was so incredible toward the republican party and me that there is no way you can get a fair trial. So this is not like it's supposed to be [BLANK_AUDIO] This is not like it's supposed to be, so we're going to see what happens. And you know what, I guess it's going to be challenged in court orders. But I think will do very well.